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  1. Checklist
    9th Mar 2020 06:20
    7 months, 14 days & 16 hrs ago
  2. Arcade Game Prizes
    26th Feb 2020 05:43
    7 months, 26 days & 16 hrs ago
  3. Fleeker Games Journey
    24th Feb 2020 14:55
    7 months, 28 days & 7 hrs ago
  4. Progress Goals
    30th Jan 2020 18:39
    8 months, 22 days & 3 hrs ago
7 months, 14 days & 16 hrs ago
9th Mar 2020 06:20

March 2020- 25,000mp & 6dc

Arcade Game Prizes
7 months, 26 days & 16 hrs ago
26th Feb 2020 05:43

Quack mafia stamp
Quack mafia sugar cube
Safe quacking guide
Quack mafia cupcake 2000
I fought the law 2300
Quack mafia jelly 2400
Quackers plushie 3400
Quackula plushie 3500
Cheese n quackers 3600
Officer quack 3700
Quackpot 3800
Quack sparrow 3900
Quack the ripper 4100
Sir quackers 4200
Quack mafia gumball 4700

Fleeker Games Journey
7 months, 28 days & 7 hrs ago
24th Feb 2020 14:55

District 4 Tribute

Main Export: Fishing
Color: Sea Green
Wealth Meter: ★★★★★
Common Specialties: Swimming, identifying fish species, tridents, fishing nets, fishing rods
Additional Info: Another “career” district that lies on the outside of Panem. Do best in situations where water or nautical life is involved. Cannot climb trees or identify poisonous from non-poisonous land-grown food.

Round 1
You rise into the cornucopia to find yourself on a very small cornucopia surrounded completely by water. You have two options: join the bloodbath on the island in hopes of a weapon, or jump into the water and get away. Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, and 6 have the best odds of surviving the bloodbath; while districts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are better off running from the fight. It's you're choice, just create the perfect swimming suit for the start of the Games using your district color. If you chose to stay in the cornucopia, remember to add your wounds or weapon. If you ran from the cornucopia, you may have gotten safely away with no weapons, hats, sunglasses, jewellery, belts, masks, or accessories of any kind.

Round 2
We've somehow survived the cornucopia, but we're still only getting started. The other tributes have started to wander the arena, so it's time to find yourself a good hiding place! You have three choices: blend into the trees, hide by the water in nearby rocks/caves, or defend your 'base' area with some allies. Create an outfit that would help you most in blending into this choice. Districts 1, 2, 10, and 7 must not cower into the caves. Districts 3, 4, 5 and 6 cannot climb into trees. And districts 8, 9, 11, 12 are 'outcasts' to the others and do not have allies.

Round 3
Stomachs start to grumble all over the arena, and food supplies are low. You awake for a new day to find the layout of the arena slightly different than before. A river has appeared just to the north and it's splashing with fish; a gorgeous forest bed of berries, mushrooms, and wild game have appeared to the west; and there seems to be a old tunnel made of dirt/sand that has revealed itself to the south and could be filled with delicious, helpful preserves. All of these could be traps, but could it also be worth it? It's time to find out and create a doll to tackle your choice of food-finding. Districts 1, 2, 3, and 12 have not mastered fishing. Districts 4, 5, 6, and 8 do not have the skill to hunt game or choose good from bad wild foods. And districts 7, 9, 10, and 11 are uncomfortable exploring underground.

Round 4
Another day in the arena has passed, and a new one has begun. You wake up where you left off (either north by the river, west in the fields, or south by the tunnel) and something feels very, very wrong. To the north, an old mountain erupts, spewing down lava faster than you can run. A quick, bitter snowstorm rushes into the west quadrant, causing dangerously cold temperatures, ice, and avalanches. And, to the south, a vicious, windy tornado has touched down in the sand. There's nowhere to run except into another disaster. So hold your ground where you are, and show a doll to depict it... and hope that it ends soon!

Round 5
Without fail, the gamemakers have invented their very own creatures for the Games! From Jabberjays to Tracker Jackers to Rose-scented Reptiles and more, the gamemakers like to make animals to spy for them and/or keep things interesting for the "show" of the Games. This will be the last day of the Games, so they've thrown in a few of these man-made creatures to pick you off one by one. So choose or create your own muttation (or Mutt as they call it) and depict that mutt by recreating the creature as your doll! Districts 1-6 can only use up to 7 wardrobe items in this look, and districts 7-12 can only use up to 10. Face/eye makeup, tattoos, wigs and skins do not count toward your total item count.

Part radioactive deer, part shapeshifter, this glowing creature is meant to intrigue its prey before rendering them temporarily blind. In order to capture the attention of its prey, ICU DEER morphs into a slightly twisted and deerlike clone of the target tribute. Once the target realizes what has happened, its too late. ICU DEER has already stolen their eyes and added them to its external floating eyeball collection. Note: Tribute is blind until the next target is cloned. If the tribute is still alive, eyesight returns and the tribute can resume fighting in the games. If the tribute is killed while blinded, the eyes are kept in ICU DEERs collection.


Progress Goals
8 months, 22 days & 3 hrs ago
30th Jan 2020 18:39

28: (lvl 18 Jenoa)
-11. Water pet
-12. Kronk
-13. Lvl 15 clam
-14. Restock rarity 7 sushi shop
-15. Buy a piece of fishing treasure map
-16. Match 11 numbers keno
-17. Lvl 20 clam
-18. Restock rarity 7 armour shop

29: (lvl 19 city of Marada) (Free gym zetzilla)
-19. Lvl 20 Tarquin

30: (lvl 19 Dukka caves) (buy a magazine)
-17. Pirate pet
-18. 120 musical instruments [x]
-19. 100 books [x]

31. (Lvl 20 Baspinars castle) (Dna Mini)
-12. Oglue
-13. 85 Knutt Knight [x]
-14. Win a tombola dvd
-15. 105 Knutt Knight
-16. Buy Pisces
-17. Lvl 10 troll
-18. 125 Knutt Knight
-19. Lvl 10 theatre
-20. Lvl 15 troll

32. (Lvl 20 minipet island) (sell stock for profit)
-15. Recieve le Pet from exchange
-16. Complete volcano map
-17. Win a battle over 75 difficulty
-18. Restock a minipet
-19. Buy volcano treasure map piece
-20. Gain a level stat on pet over 20 at gym

33. (Lvl 21 Puchalla) (mine for minerals)
-14. Cheese pet
-15. Lvl 6 bumpkin
-16. 75 Puchalla inn [x]
-17. Fancy pet
-18. Lvl 10 bumpkin
-19. 100 Puchalla inn [x]
-20. Buy 2500 shares
-21. Purchase from canned food shop

34. (Lvl 21 undying woods) (win battle against wild minipet) (500 plates)
-16. Nefarious pet
-17. Bid 100k on any auction
-18. 40 trading cards [x]
-19. Halloween pet
-20. Lvl 10 trotters
-21. 150 lever [x]

  1. Checklist
    9th Mar 2020 06:20
    7 months, 14 days & 16 hrs ago
  2. Arcade Game Prizes
    26th Feb 2020 05:43
    7 months, 26 days & 16 hrs ago
  3. Fleeker Games Journey
    24th Feb 2020 14:55
    7 months, 28 days & 7 hrs ago
  4. Progress Goals
    30th Jan 2020 18:39
    8 months, 22 days & 3 hrs ago