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  • Reminders     29th Sep 2019 13:03
  • Staff     8th Jul 2011 11:47

  • Reminders

    Posted on : 29th Sep 2019 13:03   Posted by : Tink
    Minipet Basil
    Baby Daisy
    Chibi Decadal*
    Baby Ercuw
    Minipet Ercuw
    Baby Eyru
    Baby Figaro*
    Baby Huthiq
    Minipet Justin*
    Hairy Kujo*
    Chibi Lati
    Minipet Mordo*
    Chibi Pucu*
    Lilac Pucu*
    Chibi Raulf*
    Minipet Rofling*
    Minipet Tasi
    Fairy Vixen
    Chibi Vlad
    Minipet Zoink

    12+ Blitzen
    250+ sumo sally
    15+ Tarquin
    75+ sewer monster
    Pirate pet
    Magic stat from Elekas fountain
    Change color operation portal
    22+ beast in the woods
    20+ rubbish dump
    Water pet
    Complete magic carpet
    20+ Priscilla
    750+ photos in album
    Receive a limited edition pet from pet exchange
    Daylight pet
    Cheese pet
    5+ hector the collector
    Clown pet
    DVD from undying tombola
    5+ penitentiary
    Digital pet


    Posted on : 8th Jul 2011 11:47   Posted by : Tink
    I have other people in my household that rarely play on here. We do have multiple devices to access the site from. If you need usernames just shoot me a mail. ^.^

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