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Club:Join the ATM Club | Vote:Yes I will Vote |Pets:None are EVER for Trade/Sell

Age:Adult Player

I am an Adult Player that have been playing Marapets since July 11, 2006, 9:27 pm Marapets is my escape from the REAL WORLD which is a hard place at the moment. I joined with my sister (GutterxFlower) we run the Adult Club Addicted to Mara so if you are looking for an Adult Club where you can be as Active as you want and just relax and get the help you need then just mail me for an invite (Tell me a little about yourself) the only requirement is to be 18+.

My sister is my best friend and we raise a furbaby (Charley) together he is 14 Years young. Here on Mara I love working on ALL the Collections but my favorite has to be Wardrobe and Avatars I also collect a lot of different items for my Gallery but the main items I love collecting is my Potato Collection. I collect them in Bulk and welcome any you DON'T want :D

Things I Love in the RL are...

Reading---I love A lot of different types but read a lot of Stephen King & James Patterson...I have read The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen over 100 Times <---Not kidding love that book!

Photos---I love taking Photos of random things but mostly of My Charley and Food lol <3

Scrapbooking--- I Scrapbook with my sister we use not only real Photos but clippings from Magazines we subscribe to a lot of different type and have over 50 FULL boxes in storage of Magazines to still go through we try and use every bit we can for crafts as well NO waste!

Alice in Wonderland--- You may have noticed a lot of my Pet Names are inspired but Alice in Wonderland as well as a whole section in the back of my Gallery, here in the RW I collect Alice in Wonderland items as well it makes me happy to find something that I love to go in my collection.

Coloring/Drawing--- I like to relax by Coloring w/ my sister have SO MANY coloring books and Sketch Books.

Coffee---I splurge on coffee and love having a Frap Treat at Starbucks (Mocha Extra Ice, Extra thick with whip lol)

If you need help with anything feel free to mail me I will help if I can. I lend items from my Gallery as long as it can be returned within a Months time. I answer my mail and MT right away so if I am not responding it is because I am away from the computer.

Player for 18 years & 8 daysJoined 11th Jul 2006 14:27
Player for 18 years & 8 days Joined 11th Jul 2006 14:27

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