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Hello boys and ghouls!
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642313x242na1zlk.gif To staff: stellarcelestial is my sister and i may occasionally send her items.
Always willing to help. Just send me a mail! if i might have sent you something from your wishlist, it's because I just wanted to be nice! 😃

Goal for this year:
Reach gold shield[x]
Pet goals:
Make Antemortem basil[x]
Make Yucko clown yuni
Make Hippies funky sindi [x]
Make Dethos villain quell
Make Boofriend and Ghoulfriend LE ghost pets[x]

Have a sweet day!
Obscenity the Devil Basil
1 year, 8 months & 18 days OldBorn 2nd Oct 2019 00:20

Level 11 Architect earning MP1,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP2,500MP a day
Health 60  Art 48  Geography 5  Maths 35  Science 35  Books 30  Coordination 35  Environmental Studies 9  Computer Science 9  Business Studies 9