I came into being simply do to a goal quest saying master had to make me to move foreword. You may think I hold some sort of animosity about that but hell at least I am not some portal meat reject like Chexy.
Korerent the Stone Age Chibs
1 year & 1 month OldBorn 5th Nov 2018 20:43

Native Iggy
4 Months 16 Days Old
1 Month 11 Days Old
15 Days Old
1 Month 22 Days Old
1 Month 7 Days Old
Level 12 Policeman earning MP3,000MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP5,000MP a day
Level 40  Strength 65  Defence 100  Speed 65  Health 65  Charisma 25  Language 25  History 18  Sports 40  Books 44  Stamina 55  Sociology 20  Law 30 

Gigantic Fairy Mallet
Staff of the Wardrobe Fairy
Bearded Axe

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