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Hello!! I am Leeona Mckay named after my mommys real life baby girl. I will always be a Fasoro, after all the real Leonas middle name is "Kit". What else could I passably be but a fox? That is also why mommy want to get me a calico costume so I can look like a real fox.
LeeonaMckay the Calico Fasoro
1 year, 8 months & 10 days OldBorn 31st Oct 2018 20:55

3 Months 20 Days Old
Level 13 Veterinarian earning MP5,250MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP6,500MP a day
Strength 60  Defence 45  Speed 45  Charisma 27  Language 18  Geography 45  Maths 80  Science 110  Sports 25  Books 55  Balance 65  Stamina 65  Coordination 45  Environmental Studies 35  Molecular Science 35 

Ice Sword
Staff of the Glowing Fairy
Golem Shield
Skipping Pearl
Staff of the Royal Fairy
Fasoro Amulet
Gigantic Fairy Mallet