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Hey there! Welcome to my profile! I'm an adult player and though I go by Jujubes here I usually use a different username on the other virtual pet sites you can find me on!

I am Malik on Rescreatu, where I've been for over ten years! Also on Aywas as ElmerJFudd! In fact, if you can find an ElmerJFudd on a site, it's probably me!

Feel free to drop me a mail at any of these sites! I don't bite! And if you need help here to there, I'd be happy to help. far as I am helpful here, that is!

I still consider myself a newbie at Marapets, and slowly learning the ropes. Don't quite have a favourite pet yet but I definitely like the mermaid, spring, and tundra costumes. Definitely NOT a fan of the mental costume, as I feel it's poorly named and in poor taste.
ElCamino the Fairy Sindi
1 year, 9 months & 24 days OldBorn 12th Aug 2018 12:36