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I collect TWISTED ROSE items!

Gabriel's the name. :) barista, co-leader of Espresso club, overall strive to build collections and stats here.

Self-proclaimed King of Decadals -- working on twins.
If I don't reply very quickly, I'm AFK. Bear with me. :)

Joined Marapets on July 13th 2008. (previous account) Transubstantiation x1 (Jessemina --> Baby)
Transmogrification x1 (Roflic --> Rofling)
Aortic the Insideout Astro
2 years, 3 months & 19 days OldBorn 6th Aug 2018 07:55

7 Months 10 Days Old
Level 2 Teacher earning MP525MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP575MP a day
Health 3  Charisma 6  Art 15  Language 20  History 20  Geography 20  Maths 20  Music 15  Science 20  Sports 3  DVDs 3  Books 6  Instruments 10