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Check out my story page :)

DapperDon was born on 4/19/2018. I needed to use a LE potion on one of my pets to pass a level of Dukka Cave Goals. I used my Cowboy Lati Potion and then a Fancy Costume and DapperDon was born!

According to the Urban Dictionary "A Dapper Don is a new age gentlemen with class, pose and style like no other, When GQ looks for its style they ask Dapper Don. The standard of what Adonis strives to be, the envy of most boys and the desire of all women, queens and Goddesses."

His partner, SouthernBelle a Doll Zola, arrived to complete his life.
DapperDon has taken a job as a Spy and 007 James Bond has nothing on him!

DapperDon the Fancy Lati
2 years, 2 months & 17 days OldBorn 19th Apr 2018 08:45

2 Years 2 Months Old
2 Years 2 Months Old
Sir Quackers
4 Months 29 Days Old
Level 11 Spy earning MP1,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP2,500MP a day
Strength 70  Defence 70  Speed 60  Health 30  Charisma 30  Language 55  Geography 60  Maths 20  Sports 50  Books 30  Balance 35  Magic 60  Spells 25  Stamina 45  Coordination 45  Computer Science 21  Law 17