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Marapets is mobile friendly
Started playing Mara, January 7, 2018 1:04 pm.
Hi my name is Anna and I'm an adult player. When you see me online and I don't respond to you in 10 min this means I'm not online. I always keep mara open. Goals/Missions: If I have an item or pet you need to borrow, MM/MT me.
Wanna know more? See my info :)


Started playing Mara, January 7, 2018 1:04 pm.

Hi, my name is Anna and I am an adult player. Next to working, I play Mara to relax and have fun. I'm always in for a chat, so if you like to chat, you can always add, mm or mt me. I am a big Zetlian fan and collector <3 I try to collect everything Zetlian related. And I am expending my pet collection. My goal is to have every Zetlian color/costume. And thanks to a friend of mine (Denny1) who also plays on here, I fell in love with Vlad's. Next to mine Zetlian pets I'll be trying to get a few Vlad's. <3

Saffira is my favorite pet, because she was the first pet I made. I like to spoil her with toys and slowly I'll expand it by feeding her gourmet food <3

If you need to borrow one of my pets for goals, feel free to ask! The items in my gallery aren't for sale. If I have an item you need for an mission and you can't find it somewhere else, I'll be glad to help out! Only parting with my Zetlian collection will be very hard, but you can always try.
Cytsi the Space Zetlian
2 years, 8 months & 23 days OldBorn 11th Mar 2018 04:57

2 Years 1 Month Old
1 Year 10 Months Old
1 Year 10 Months Old
Level 1 Astronaut earning MP350MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP400MP a day
Level 2  Strength 2  Speed 2  Health 10  Charisma 10  Geography 2  Maths 2  Science 2  Sports 20  CDs 2  DVDs 4  Books 2  Magic 20  Spells 2