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Hello! My name is Cedees, I Love making new Friends, So Please Feel Free to send Requests! I would love to get to know you. As you Can see by my pets I am a huge Fasoro, Chibs and Kaala Lover!!! I aim to have all of my Favorites of the Species :) MY PET GOALS <3
[X] Angel Fasoro
[X] Chibi Fasoro
[X] Tundra Fasoro
[X] Splatter Fasoro
[X] Bug Fasoro
[X] Spring Fasoro
[X] Panda Fasoro
[] Valentine Fasoro
[X] Killer Fasoro
[] Fire Fasoro
[X] Breeze Fasoro
[X] Gothic Fasoro
[X] Nimbus Fasoro
[X] Fairy Fasoro
[X] Anime Fasoro

[X] Arcade Kaala
[X] Frostfire Kaala
[X] Daylight Kaala
[X] Breeze Kaala
[X] Alien Kaala
[X] Doll Kaala

[X] Anime Chibs
[] Neon Chibs
[] Monster Chibs
[] Cursed Chibs

[X] 10 Unique Gallery Items
[X] 25 Unique Gallery Items
[X] 50 Unique Gallery Items
[X] 75 Unique Gallery Items
[ ] 100 Unique Gallery items
[ ] 125 Unique Gallery Items
[ ] 150 Unique Gallery Items
[ ] 175 Unique Gallery Items
[ ] 200 Unique Gallery Items
Allergies the Lilac Flab
2 years, 8 months & 3 days OldBorn 23rd Feb 2018 21:21

Level 1 Banker earning MP25MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP75MP a day
Defence 2  Charisma 2  Maths 2  CDs 2  DVDs 4  Books 4