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Note: I'm no longer vegan, please disregard my username Hey, I'm Sprinter (not my real name). I'm a 27 year old lazy blob with no life that spends all day playing on various virtual pet sites. I'm a huge animal lover. My favorite animals are birds, and I have 12 of them in real life (4 doves, 6 finches, 2 canaries). I also enjoy drawing, RPing my OCs, music, talk shows, reading, video games and eating.

Note: I don't want any messages regarding why I'm no longer vegan. I know how toxic some vegans can be, and I won't be putting up with the kind of harassment I saw while being in the community. It's my life, and I'm not obligated to explain my choices to anyone.
JackFrost34 the Prison Fasoro
2 years, 4 months & 25 days OldBorn 30th Dec 2017 18:36

2 Years 4 Months Old