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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly

Need a club? Let's talk Mara.

I play on my phone and computer.
I'm happy to lend my pets, except for Frumpkin who is in all the temples. Just message me if you need one for goals. :) dcp9sp4-2c35c1ad-4ea0-4be6-921a-425d0c9a2dcd.jpg

I would love for this to become a thing. Lovely Jester snakey. Silly and scary all in one. Hehe.

Xenmo the Alien Poera
6 years & 4 months OldBorn 21st Dec 2017 16:16

Level 7 Veterinarian earning MP435MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP510MP a day
Strength 30  Defence 15  Speed 15  Charisma 12  Language 8  Geography 15  Maths 30  Science 50  Sports 7  Books 25  Balance 15  Stamina 15  Coordination 15  Environmental Studies 6  Molecular Science 6