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Okay, so I'm forever proving I'm a bit of a nerd... with each little thing I do... and this little guy is more proof of the obviously.

The Abominable Greench is a mob on World of Warcraft that only appears during the Feast of Winter Veil (Christmastime) he's basically their spin on Dr. Seuss' Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

I found the name available and thought that my Ushunda (who was once Cedrick) would be more fierce as a grumpy gus like the Greench, so did some name swapping among my pets... and walah lol
Greench the Seasonal Ushunda
3 years & 14 days OldBorn 20th Nov 2017 11:21

2 Years 3 Months Old
2 Years 3 Months Old
2 Years 3 Months Old
2 Years 3 Months Old
Mr Grinch
2 Years 3 Months Old
10 Months 25 Days Old
Level 3 Entrepreneur earning MP150MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP200MP a day
Charisma 4  Language 4  History 4  Geography 4  Maths 4  Books 20