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Hey there! My name is Peikko! That's the Finnish word for Troll! It makes sense that it's my name - right? Being that I'm one of them! Mommy had to costume a pet Digital, so instead of wasting the costume, I was born! I don't think it needs to be mentioned here like all my family say,
but I will Never be for trade! <3
Peikko the Digital Oglue
4 years, 1 month & 11 days OldBorn 10th May 2017 01:10

3 Years 4 Months Old
Level 1 Police Officer earning MP225MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP275MP a day
Level 2  Strength 2  Defence 5  Speed 10  Health 10  Charisma 2  History 2  Sports 2  Books 2