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Marapets is mobile friendly
Hey I'm Bean! I'm an adult player from the UK, and a freelance artist! They/Them please!
Hoping to make PatchworkInsomia into a Sleepy or Plushie Quell
DkLNiteSlash, Labbly and Rattagus are my labrats
Pets are NOT for trade, but I'd be happy to let you borrow them for goals etc
Also willing to trade plates/photos etc for ones of similar value! WIP
BitznBytez the Arcade Kaala
3 years, 8 months & 13 days OldBorn 20th Mar 2017 06:50

3 Years 4 Months Old
Black Blooble
3 Years 5 Months Old
Blue Fidge
3 Years 4 Months Old
2 Years Old
Level 10 Programmer earning MP750MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP2,000MP a day
Speed 55  Charisma 11  Language 55  Maths 40  Science 30  DVDs 55  Books 55  Stamina 30  Computer Science 15  Business Studies 15 

Troll Blaster
Digital Shield
Digital Ray Gun
Arcade Dual Guns
Arcade Game Mallet
Special Elixir