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Marapets is mobile friendly
I am an adult player from Canada.
Staff: Please note...I'm totally addicted to the game so wherever I go, if there's a computer available, I play on it. Also, my six year old granddaughter occasionally logs in to play games and shop.

I seldom log out so if you message me and I don't respond, I'm afk
Ginnj the Balloon Jessup
3 years, 2 months & 29 days OldBorn 31st Oct 2016 06:38

Yellow Hick
5 Months 1 Day Old
Black Dino
5 Months 2 Days Old
Daylight Pingi
5 Months 1 Day Old
5 Months 1 Day Old
Green Faye
3 Months 5 Days Old
4 Months 23 Days Old
Green Devilray
3 Months 1 Day Old