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Wowie! Hai there! My name is Piovoso, that's the word for Rainy in Italian! Where I come from it's always raining, so I carry my umbrella around at all times! Mommy traded a nice friend named Jade a cute little bunny maker for my costume, and shortly after she purchased my maker. I find it ironic how she made me a week before the Canadian turkey day - Hope I'm not on the menu! Anyways mommy loves me and she says she can guarantee I'm going to live with her and my brother Zeichnung forever! (this means that I will Never be up for trade!) :D
Piovoso the Rainy Gobble
4 years, 8 months & 14 days OldBorn 4th Oct 2016 03:00

1 Year 6 Months Old
Level 1 Police Officer earning MP225MP a day