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Hiya, my name is Kleuter! That means Toddler in Danish - Like Me! My mommy worked super hard to make me what I am, and thanks to the really nice man named Bane, my creation was easy! (He breeds a lot of us) I'm very happy with my forever home right here with Ren! ??? (in case you were unsure, that means I am NEVER for trade!)
Kleuter the Toddler Basil
4 years, 11 months & 9 days OldBorn 12th Jul 2016 16:08

3 Years 2 Months Old
4 Years 2 Months Old
Level 1 Police Officer earning MP225MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP275MP a day
Level 2  Strength 2  Defence 5  Speed 10  Health 10  Charisma 2  History 2  Sports 2  Books 2