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Wow okay, so my name is Akenomyosei, that's pretty wicked huh? well my name is actually insane, it means Lucifer in Japanese. Crazy right? anyways Mommy bought my maker since my brother got the one she got out of AU. (Still mad at you for that Onikisu) Anyways, she bought the maker then slowly she raised 120k RP so that she could promptly kill me, making me into this beautiful creature I am now. anyways I'm clearly NEVER up for trade either, but hey, you probably guessed that one, didn't you? :P
Akenomyosei the Zombie Vlad
5 years, 4 months & 22 days OldBorn 28th Jan 2016 22:21

Pumpkin Fred
1 Year 1 Month Old
Level 1 Police Officer earning MP225MP a day