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Hey there, my name is Sofuto, which if you haven't automatically guessed it, is the Japanese word for soft! My momma decided to make me on a whim as well, and at the time I was the only viable option for a plushie pet, so she chose to make me! and obviously since I'm so damn squishy,
she named me soft c: I love her very much and she promised that like my massive family of siblings, I will also Never
be for trade :3
Sofuto the Plushie Dakota
5 years, 5 months & 7 days OldBorn 15th Jan 2016 13:48

3 Years 6 Months Old
3 Months 28 Days Old
Level 3 Police Officer earning MP325MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP375MP a day
Level 4  Strength 4  Defence 15  Speed 20  Health 20  Charisma 4  History 4  Sports 4  Books 6