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Wow okay, so first of all, I'm sure youre all wondering about my name, well Mommy went and found out that Uzayli is Turkish for Alien/Spaceman! So naturally it's perfect for a space explorer like myself. My mommy basically said one day Hey- I want an alien colored Lati! so she just bought my maker and costume and thus I was born! It's too bad she doesnt have a picture of my changing though! She only managed to save a few of our transformation pictures. Oh yeah! being that she spent so much hard earned cash to make me how I am, I'm Never going to leave her.
Uzayli the Alien Lati
5 years, 7 months & 30 days OldBorn 23rd Oct 2015 16:51

Alien Fatty
3 Years 6 Months Old
3 Years 2 Months Old
5 Years 7 Months Old
Level 1 Police Officer earning MP225MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP275MP a day
Level 2  Strength 2  Defence 5  Speed 10  Health 10  Charisma 2  History 2  Sports 2  Books 2