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Baspinar’s Castle: Lvl 5 in Trunx's Theatre mission
Biala Mountain: Lvl 16 in Blitzen’s Grotto mission
Candyland: Use chocolate costume
City of Marada: Lvl 5 in Tarquin’s Library mission
City Sewers: Lvl 2 in Sewer Cleaner mission
Dukka Caves: 25 restaurant items in attic
Eleka’s Castle: eleka tombola stamp
Enpiah: lvl 14 at ublish’s lair
Foxfire Forest: Carpenter map
Gigantic Paradise: Lvl 15 at rubbish dump mission
Jenoa: Lvl 20 in clam mission
Kamilah Desert: 100 hump racing quests
Lowlyhood: lvl 10 at priscilla
Lush Lake: enter olympics at ultimate lvl
Minipet Island: complete volcano map
Nimbus: Lvl 5 in Greedy Gertrude mission
Puchalla Village: 100 puchala inn quests
Simeria: Lvl 5 in Hector the Collector mission
Slater Park: Lvl 5 in Circus mission
Undying Woods: Lvl 10 in Trotter’s Movie’s mission
Vortex Park: 50 shusan quests
Ziranek: use digital costume

Ghosty the Halloween Daisy
4 years, 4 months & 7 days OldBorn 19th Oct 2015 18:42

Level 5 Police Officer earning MP425MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP500MP a day
Level 8  Strength 10  Defence 30  Speed 30  Health 30  Charisma 7  Language 2  History 7  Sports 8  Books 15  Stamina 5  Sociology 2  Law 2