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RIP Giovani "Ricky" Francis. 6/28/10 Born on Sept 13, 2015 as a blue yakubie, then immediately changed into a blue justin (_Giovani has changed into Blue Justin and your Enchanted Blue Justin Plushie has now lost its magical power). Will be turning into an angel Justin to commemorate my owners cousin Giovani who passed away a few years ago.
Giovani_2010 the Angel Justin
6 years, 1 month & 13 days OldBorn 13th Sep 2015 19:43

4 Years 6 Months Old
Level 12 Programmer earning MP3,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP5,000MP a day
Speed 65  Charisma 13  Language 65  Maths 65  Science 40  DVDs 65  Books 65  Stamina 40  Computer Science 30  Business Studies 30