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Marapets is mobile friendly
I may occasionally login from my phone or laptop, and different locations if on vacation or taking trips. Hello there and thanks for looking at my profile.

Feel free to send a message or friend request anytime. Im always up for meeting new people and talking about anything.

I have plenty of hobbies. Main one being Video Games. I'll play pretty much anything. So feel free to ask

Also into Where's George, a cool website that lets you track your dollar bills across the world and see where they go. It's good for geography. Plus I've made plenty of friends in participating.

I also like playing Pinball machines and arcade games. I go to a handful of Pinball tournaments in my area, and also participate in a weekly league. Very fun and also made many new friends from that.

I also enjoy going to the Casinos and playing the slot machines. They usually have lots of cool new machines and I've had some good luck lately, winning a bit of money.

I am also in the furry fandom. Someone who dresses up in a cool aninal costume for fun. I've made many friends at meets and conventions.

Anyways....thanks for looking. Go ahead and send a request or message if you'd like to talk about anything. I'm online here pretty much every day and it can be at random times.
HandsomeJack the Chibi Zetlian
6 years, 3 months & 15 days OldBorn 5th Mar 2015 15:00

Yellow Ingi
2 Years 7 Months Old
Pink Lush
2 Years Old
Level 8 Soldier earning MP500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP575MP a day
Level 30  Strength 60  Defence 60  Speed 60  Health 60  Charisma 9  Language 5  Sports 20  CDs 9  DVDs 9  Books 4  Balance 20  Magic 125  Spells 20  Stamina 20  Coordination 20  Computer Science 8  Business Studies 4 

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