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Hey there, My name is Kwachie! that's the Igbo word for Patch! Momma got me cause she was bored and wanted to play Portal/Pond/Whirlpool with a quell! Well after I think 4 plays, I turned into this and she couldn't bare to change me again, so here I am! I love it here and I promise you I am Never leaving her and my huge family <3
Kwachie the Calico Quell
6 years, 5 months & 12 days OldBorn 1st Jan 2015 07:59

Level 2 Spy earning MP425MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP475MP a day
Strength 15  Defence 15  Speed 15  Health 7  Charisma 7  Language 10  Geography 15  Sports 5  Books 6  Magic 15  Spells 1