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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
i am an adult player from Canada :)
Please do not ask if my pets are for trade. STAFF: I go on marapets from my laptop, pc and ipad. Sometimes i take my laptop when i visit my mom who is also a player.

***STAFF please note***
2 computers are being used here at this IP address. We play frequently on Marapets, we are a family of two & will at times be sending items and things to each other. We will also be buying AU's from the same paypal account at some times. If there are any questions or concerns please mail me, thank you.


Corvallis the Sponge Limax
6 years, 5 months & 20 days OldBorn 16th Jun 2014 16:18

Green Schmog
16 Years 7 Months Old
3 Months 28 Days Old