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♥ Happy Easter! ♥
♥ F. 28. Based in Tasmania, Australia. ♥

You joined Marapets on October 20, 2006

Always on the look out for food related, or Australian based names.
Happy to lend pets out for goals/quests, do appreciate plate or photos for tips ♥
MT preferable.

Currently Collecting: Rubber Ducks


Online status may be deceiving.
Generally online between 22:00 - 4:00

Current Goals:
♥ Turn Huskisson to a Summer Eryu
♥ Turn Mawson into a Winter Eyru
♥ Change Talobi to an Australian themed name (> now Damper) & and change to a Fat something?
♥ Pick a pet to become a Decadal

2,693 || 5,469 Wardrobe items
Huskisson the Purple Eyru
6 years & 14 days OldBorn 17th May 2014 03:52

2 Years 6 Months Old
12 Months 0 Days Old
Seasonal Bellerina
3 Years 2 Months Old
Level 6 Soldier earning MP350MP a day

Light Fairy Magic Staff
Poisonous Gauntlet
Fruit Harvest Gauntlet