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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Me and my friend Fyrianin share the same wifi. Please check info if you're about to mm me for something

I'm an adult player.
If you want to mm or mt me about

To Chat- Go ahead! :)

Trading Pets- I'm usually only interested in stats, please keep that in mind before asking.

Prices in my shop- I'm really only willing to trade if the item is 250k+ or 100k+ for new members. If the item qualifies then I'm only interested in gourmets, wardrobe items or photos that I'm missing. I'll consider reducing a price if it falls in that same range unless it's a retired collectible.

Things in my gallery- Like my gallery says everything is for trade or sale but please be fair in your suggestions. If you need to know just mm me to ask the price and I'll happily tell you if I know. I'm mainly interested in trading for gourmets or wardrobe items but the photos in my gallery I'll trade for other photos or a reduced price.

Voting- I guess I'll vote for you if you ask.

Clubs- I'm not too interested in joining clubs and don't do too well in being active in them so please don't ask.

Pet Lending- If you need to borrow one of my pets for either a goal, mission or avvie then go ahead and ask! :)
Zoellia the Pinata Arinya
6 years & 29 days OldBorn 29th Dec 2013 12:50