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Hey there! My name is Coadi, I'm one of very, very few pets that my mommy didn't name herself! She was helping a friend get these Raulf things so that she could get herself a giant homeless rat! So she got me and my brother Comte. She changed my costume to a much cuter look (I used to be just a drawing, gross!) and now we're living here happily and forever, so yeah, I can promise you we are Never for trade!
Coadi the Chibi Lorius
7 years, 6 months & 20 days OldBorn 23rd Nov 2013 16:49

Level 1 Police Officer earning MP225MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP275MP a day
Level 2  Strength 2  Defence 5  Speed 10  Health 10  Charisma 2  History 2  Sports 2  Books 2