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This was a band my dad loved. The song Merry Christmas everyone was a favourite and he embarrassed 2 generations with it, singing it out the car windows at the top of his lungs. We even at his insistence had it played at his funeral much to the surprise of most of the attendees as it was in October. But that was my dad, he liked to surprise lol
Slade the Polar Echlin
6 years & 1 month OldBorn 10th Nov 2013 01:53

Level 7 Astronaut earning MP700MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP775MP a day
Level 20  Strength 20  Speed 20  Health 80  Charisma 40  Geography 20  Maths 20  Science 20  Sports 80  CDs 25  DVDs 25  Books 25  Balance 30  Magic 80  Spells 15  Stamina 45  Coordination 30  Environmental Studies 6  Computer Science 3  Molecular Science 6 

Biala Tetris Axe
Trunx Shield