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Oh man... Hi there! My name is Zanshu! It used to be Nitore when my mommy bought me, but then she renamed me to mean Beheaded in Japanese... Real nice mom. >.< Anyway I don't know how we're communicating right now since SOMEONE chopped my head off... But we are so..... yay? I love my home, I have so many siblings its insane~ with that being said, I'm like super happy right now and don't plan on ever leaving this wonderland, that means I'm Never being traded ok? <3
Zanshu the Headless Sindi
7 years, 9 months & 26 days OldBorn 25th Aug 2013 11:47

3 Years 8 Months Old
9 Months 10 Days Old
Level 1 Journalist earning MP200MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP250MP a day
Level 5  Speed 10  Charisma 2  Language 10  History 2  Geography 3  CDs 2  Books 2