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Marapets is mobile friendly
Yes! I will trade and barter for any items in my shop or gallery. Just MM me.
Read my wish list, I keep it very current.
Thanks! Have a great Mara day. Catching up my music pet Shaladen.

Feel free to mail or talk to me about anything Mara related.
Pievolution the Bug Arinya
6 years, 9 months & 12 days OldBorn 15th Apr 2013 17:14

7 Days Old
Level 5 Mechanic earning MP310MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP385MP a day
Level 12  Strength 24  Charisma 6  Maths 12  Science 20  CDs 7  DVDs 1  Books 1  Balance 3  Coordination 1  Environmental Studies 1  Business Studies 1