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Dedicated to none other than Bon Scott from the band AC/DC. I've always been quite fond of their music. I have quite a few albums and band t-shirts. I really love their older music which featured their old vocalist Bon Scott. I've grown accustomed to his unique voice and style. Sadly he passed away in the brink of fame in 1980 so this pet is a tribute pet for him. I want to make him a pirate basil.
Bon the Digital Basil
8 years, 8 months & 7 days OldBorn 15th Feb 2013 23:23

Level 1 Pop Star earning MP425MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP475MP a day
Health 2  Charisma 20  Art 10  Language 10  Music 20  CDs 10  DVDs 10  Instruments 60