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TJN2iGZ.png [center]My Dream pet[/center][br]


[center]hi everyone,i have been a member for some time now..i am an adult player who likes to play marapets :)

STAFF: Delete and Obey also play, please dont ban or freeze us...thank you x[br]

please dont ask me to join any clubs as the answer will be no..sorry..[br]

You can scratch off 10 of the 16 circles. Match 3 of the same prize to win![br]

You won the Jackpot of 50,000MP!

WOW! That was amazing!! Im impressed!

You have won 1,000,000MP![/center]

Nibbals the Clown Kujo
8 years, 8 months & 11 days OldBorn 9th Feb 2013 02:00

3 Years 5 Months Old
Level 11 Architect earning MP1,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP2,500MP a day
Health 60  Art 48  Geography 5  Maths 35  Science 35  Books 30  Coordination 35  Environmental Studies 9  Computer Science 9  Business Studies 9 

Kirin Blade