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Adult Player
Sammi is my marawife and I love her for maralife

Hakkoda the Breeze Tantua
7 years, 6 months & 21 days OldBorn 9th Aug 2012 16:42

Moonlight Nimble
5 Years 8 Months Old
Yellow Devilray
6 Months 5 Days Old
Blue Unlucky
5 Months 20 Days Old
2 Months 25 Days Old
Level 10 Thief earning MP850MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP1,500MP a day
Level 27  Strength 55  Speed 110  Charisma 12  Sports 40  CDs 12  DVDs 22  Magic 60  Spells 20  Stamina 20  Coordination 35  Law 10 

Staff of the Plushie Fairy
Golden Axe
Heart Magic Staff
Staff of the Digital Fairy
Pumpkin Bow
Tantua Amulet
Heart Magic Staff
Possessed Shield
Staff of the Royal Fairy