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Hi friend! my name is Suichu! That's the Japanese word for Underwater, I'm here cause my mommy always wanted one of me, and then that Ray guy was having a sale and sold her my costume real cheap you see, so of course she had to make me, anyway that's how I came alive and I couldn't be happier to live here with my family <3 I am most definitely Never leaving!
Suichu the Underwater Quell
8 years, 11 months & 2 days OldBorn 12th Jul 2012 20:55

Rainbow Squink
3 Years 5 Months Old
3 Years 2 Months Old
1 Year 4 Months Old
2 Months 14 Days Old
Level 3 Athlete earning MP600MP a day

Bumpkin Knife
Trunx Shield
Devil Trident
Balloon Shield
Festival Whip
Splatter Shield
Metal Shield
Huthiq Eye Elixir