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Hey there, my name is Maloki, which is honestly just a cool mush of letters that form a name, and if I'm being honest, I can't remember if I was named by my previous owner years ago (my mom won me in a giveaway years ago and her friend Austin won my brother) or if my mommy now named me.
Either way I absolutely love it here and wouldn't trade it for anything, and that means I am Never going to leave her c:
Maloki the Sad Mordo
10 years, 10 months & 9 days OldBorn 15th Aug 2010 01:15

Brown Grinow
3 Years 6 Months Old
Blue Bolint
3 Years 6 Months Old
Blue Knoro
3 Years 6 Months Old
Purple Azint
3 Years 6 Months Old
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7 Years 3 Months Old
160+ days
5 Years 3 Months Old
2 Years 10 Months Old
420+ days
5 Years 3 Months Old
Level 13 Mechanic earning MP4,000MP a day