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Check out my story page :) U P D A T E

The Hero Costume was revamped and changed into the Strobe Costume on November 1, 2017. My Hero Daisy, Vallor is no more. Although I do like the Strobe Costume a lot, his name doesn't fit any longer. So, on April 19, 2018 Vallor's name was changed to Strobed. I mainly did this because the name didn't fit any longer and in order to pass a level in the City of Marada Goals I had to rename a pet - perfect!



Vallor is my fourteenth pet and my second Undying Festival Daisy. When completing the Undying Woods Festival of 2010 I was awarded with a Hero Daisy. The name Valor (or the British equivalent - Valour) was already taken so I just added an extra "l" and named him Vallor.

The definition of valor: boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle; heroic courage; bravery:

"a medal for valor."

I think this is a befitting name for a "Hero" Daisy!
Strobed the Strobe Daisy
9 years, 11 months & 23 days OldBorn 13th Aug 2010 06:43

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Officer Quack
5 Months 20 Days Old
Level 20 Police Officer earning MP14,800MP a day