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Marapets is mobile friendly
Open pet spaces: 7
Beanstalk: 11/23
Leprechaun: 250 / 300
Cosmonaut: 274 / 300

Gym: Crisis, Dwarven, Fleija, Teez
Elite Gym: Crisis, Dwarven, Fleija, Teez
University: Dis, Dwarven
School: Dis, Dwarven
Instruments: Kotetsu
Transformations: Geass
Spells: Dwarven
Books/CDs/DVDs: Dis
Magazines/Newspapers: Dis
Toys: Dis
Gourmets: Dis
Jobs: Crisis, Dis, Duckie, Dwarven, Hyraxes, Ichimaru, Teez Hey STAFF! I mainly access Marapets from my laptop and my iPhone. I use wifi at all sorts of public places near home and when I travel.

Hello! I am LR. I've been playing Mara since 2005 and I love this site.

My focuses: pet goals, trading/selling items, goals/missions/collections. I spend a lot of time (and MP!) on my collections. My gourmet pet is Dis and my battle pet is Dwarven.

Some stuff to know about me:

Maramails are always welcome and I try and respond to everyone. Sometimes it takes me awhile to reply; I'm usually multi-tasking when I'm online. I'm also a bit shy and it takes me awhile to formulate my thoughts into messages. I don't use Maratalk so please don't send me messages. It's not personal, I just don't like IM-ing. I often trade pets, but a couple are NFT, so just ask if you're interested in a particular pet. I'm happy to swap photos, just let me know what you need. I might even have an extra in my attic. Marafriend me if we are friends! I don't accept randoms unless I've seen you around the site for awhile. I spend very little time on the forums. I'm not in a club right now, but I'd like to join an active one. I probably won't vote for you in the Beauty/Ugly contest (sorry, I'm lazy). No spam please.

Byakuya, Duckie, Ducky, Ichimaru, and Saber were gifts and are staying with me for good.

I love Anime, Manga, Final Fantasy, and K-pop. I'm always interested in pets with names from any of those. Let me know what you've got for trade!

"Unattainable dreams are the best kind."
Leigh the Anime Ushunda
9 years, 7 months & 1 day OldBorn 19th Jul 2010 03:44

2 Years 11 Months Old
Teal Lubadore
2 Years 11 Months Old
2 Years 10 Months Old