Hey I'm Bean! I'm an adult player from the UK, and a freelance artist! They/Them please!
Hoping to make PatchworkInsomia into a Sleepy or Plushie Quell
DkLNiteSlash, Labbly and Rattagus are my labrats
Pets are NOT for trade, but I'd be happy to let you borrow them for goals etc
Also willing to trade plates/photos etc for ones of similar value! WIP
Junkratt the Anime Doyle
9 years, 4 months & 27 days OldBorn 11th Jul 2010 03:06

Black Fatty
2 Years 4 Months Old
Daylight Fatty
2 Years 4 Months Old
5 Months 6 Days Old
Orange Fatty
2 Years 7 Months Old
Purple Fatty
15 Years 7 Months Old
White Fatty
2 Years 7 Months Old
Level 7 Architect earning MP475MP a day

Doyle Gauntlet
Lost Warriors Helm
Staff of the Lazy Fairy

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