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Wow so I've lived here for pretty much ever. My name means 'A cause of harm or damage' which I guess is pretty true, being that I'm a grumpy kitten! :3 So when I came to Ren I was an adult kitty, but I don't even remember what color I used to be! Anyways mommy Ren used one of those Color Concoction things on me, and voila, I was reunited with my youth! I'm now adorable as hell and staying here forevers! (so silly willy's that means I'm Never going to be for trade ever!) ^_^
Detriment the Baby Chibs
11 years, 7 months & 4 days OldBorn 8th Nov 2009 10:49

3 Years 7 Months Old
Green Liiing
5 Years 2 Months Old
2 Years 2 Months Old
Level 2 Police Officer earning MP275MP a day

Staff of the Undying
Staff of the Undying