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Marapets is mobile friendly
Mods: I play Mara on my computer, and I never log out♥ I collect all photos, plates, stamps, plushies, eggs, gourmet foods, books, toys, instruments, wardrobe items, and battle cards. Please help me with my collection♡

Also I love costumes and potions. Plus I am a Sagittarius so anything to do with that would be amazing♡
Missy_Link the Silver Jessup
10 years, 6 months & 4 days OldBorn 16th Jul 2009 19:36

Level 5 Chef earning MP235MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP310MP a day
Level 7  Health 8  Charisma 7  Art 7  Science 7  CDs 6  DVDs 6  Books 12  Stamina 1  Coordination 1  Environmental Studies 1  Business Studies 1 

Fropa Attack Zaw