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Slowly Collecting: Enchanted Minipet Plushies
Currently Completing:??? (??/??)
Spy Points: 1,000/350,000
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Thank you for all your hard work.
I log in on multiple devices almost anywhere.
My brother, VampireShiki, also plays here so we might share the same IP address.
Please don't ban us.

==== Mikon~ ====
Mibu the Zombie Tasi
11 years, 7 months & 2 days OldBorn 5th May 2009 10:16

Pink Frump
8 Months 10 Days Old
8 Months 10 Days Old
Level 5 Programmer earning MP375MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP450MP a day
Speed 30  Charisma 6  Language 30  Maths 10  Science 8  DVDs 30  Books 30  Stamina 5  Computer Science 2  Business Studies 2