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Hey there! so my mommy bought me from the auctions so I'd have some minimal stats to start with! I was super poorly named, so she renamed me to Sittich! That means Parakeet in German! (mommy has German heritage so she loves using German if she knows it) She then used the Pucu Potion that she won herself from the super scary Mafia!!! She transformed me from a weird elf dog into a GORGEOUS bird. She then tossed a costume she had onto me, and voila! I'm an adorable little bird (and I actually look a lot like a chubby Parakeet, so my name is super fitting!) anyways, she's spent SO much on me, so I can absolutely guarantee that I will Never ever, be leaving her! *nuzzles mommy*
Sittich the Chibi Pucu
12 years, 5 months & 12 days OldBorn 10th Jan 2009 10:29

Level 1 Mechanic earning MP110MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP160MP a day
Level 4  Strength 8  Charisma 2  Maths 4  Science 5  CDs 2