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Hiya, my name is Eterain! I don't quite know what that means, mommy didn't actually name me :c anyway I used to be a portal pet she bought from auctions, and then she threw me into the portal thing???? But I /did/ go from a tiger bunny to this adorable thing I am now so who's the real winner?? anyway mommy promised since I'm so damn adorable I'm Never going to leave her ever. c:
Eterain the Chibi Sindi
11 years, 4 months & 24 days OldBorn 6th Jan 2009 01:36

4 Years 9 Months Old
4 Years 9 Months Old
4 Years 9 Months Old
4 Years 9 Months Old
Breeze Doogle
4 Years 9 Months Old
Level 6 Thief earning MP550MP a day

Staff of the Light Fairy
Reese Amulet
Ice Shield
Poisonous Gauntlet
Steam Shield
Silver Lotus Sword
Possessed Shield
Staff of the Obese Fairy
Autumn Leaf Blade
Reese Magic Staff
Leaf Sword
Ice Elixir
Christmas Magic Staff