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hi my name is elves

i use to live in the nortpole with elf and santa last year when elf was looking to see who had been nice or naughty i made friends with rosieteapots pets playing all day and laughing at them getting dressed up in funny costumes some of them are realy smart and others can run fast i asked elf if i could come and stay with rosie for a while so i came to stay in december 2014
i have had so much fun we went to a pool party and gargamel hit me with a big water balloon i was all wet lol we went out trick or treating that was my first time it was great i got a sore tummy with all the candy i ate and rosie took me to the hospital and the dr made me all better
if you come in this year elf thank you for letting me stay here i just love it but i still miss you and all my friend in the nortpole

lots of love elves
ps i have been very very good this year x
Elves the Elf Quell
12 years & 7 months OldBorn 13th Nov 2008 19:12

Level 11 Architect earning MP1,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP2,500MP a day
Health 60  Art 48  Geography 5  Maths 35  Science 35  Books 30  Coordination 35  Environmental Studies 9  Computer Science 9  Business Studies 9 

Nefarious Dagger