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This pet I got from my cousin who was banned, Janelle (Jdoughtry92). I traded her my pet daisy for this one.
RENNYDINNYDO the Staff Daisy
11 years, 2 months & 28 days OldBorn 26th Oct 2008 05:17

Splatter Fynx
4 Months 20 Days Old
Yellow Scorpi
3 Months 25 Days Old
Level 12 Banker earning MP3,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP5,000MP a day
Defence 40  Charisma 21  Maths 65  CDs 16  DVDs 26  Books 50  Humanities 8  Computer Science 16  Law 8  Business Studies 30 

Sand Axe
Sultan Scimitar
Staff of the Sewer Fairy
Golem Shield
Swirly Love Elixir
Staff of the Forest Fairy