hello! if you need help feel free to send me a mail and i'll do my best to answer your question : )

check out my marasite for some help guides and useful links subparman- sept 16th

"awwww you're just a loser jammu. plain and simple"
"scuse me!!! not my fault hes beyond help"

"itd be nice if you were banned jambutt"
"I regret alot of things. Like adding jambutt on skype"
"the only thing you have more of is denture cream"
"your personality is about as exciting as a pop quiz"

23rd nov
Zimzia the Chibi Sybri
11 years, 2 months & 17 days OldBorn 16th Sep 2008 18:49

4 Years 6 Months Old
Level 1 Chef earning MP35MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP85MP a day
Level 2  Health 2  Charisma 2  Art 2  Science 2  CDs 2  DVDs 2  Books 4 

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