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Marapets is mobile friendly
I'm Amber. :) 24 year old living in Australia. Mother to 2 young boys so will be online & reply when I can. Always up for making friends, although it's been awhile since I spoke to anyone - online. Send me a comment if you feel like chatting, I'll happily chat back!! :)

kmsmoke is my partner who I live with and has just started playing.
Sherree & racemate5 are my mum & brother.

Staff: I use my phone and very rarely my partner's laptop. Just the heads up. :D Thanks.

6 Months 2 Days Old
Brown Chilla
1 Year 9 Months Old
White Fasorul
6 Months 2 Days Old
Brown Flonk
6 Months 2 Days Old
Black Fendol
6 Months 2 Days Old
Grey Arasi
6 Months 2 Days Old
Yellow Pikey
6 Months 2 Days Old
Red Huxen
6 Months 2 Days Old
White Zointy
5 Months 3 Days Old
Red Sprite
3 Months 10 Days Old
Black Addup
6 Days Old
White Chibimo
3 Months 9 Days Old
Radioactive Dracone
4 Days Old
Prison Ryan
3 Months 6 Days Old
Level 19 Athlete earning MP12,350MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP14,000MP a day
Level 300  Strength 250  Speed 250  Health 250  Charisma 100  Sports 250  Balance 200  Magic 200  Stamina 200  Coordination 200 

Alien Blaster
Snowman Magic Staff
Gingerbread Magic Staff
Alien Blaster