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Marapets is mobile friendly
Available for Mission and Goal assistance for Gourmet Foods. Message my owner for lending.
Click HERE to see which Foods I have not eaten yet, before messaging my owner.

I am not lent for the Monthly Mission Contest
Cost to borrow via Pet Lending : 7,369,280 MP [ 31st Aug 2021 ]
Tips Are Not Necessary

*Bunns (Blue, Brown, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow)
*Gummi (Pink, Blue, Brown, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow)
*Fat Minipets (All 27)

Astro Cookie
Royal Fairy Sugar Cube

Dark Fairy Foods *New*
Bottled Sweat
Dark Bagel
Dark Bagel Slice
Dark Fairy Brew
Dark Fairy Burger
Dark Fairy Lolly
Dark Fairy Soda
Dark Ice Cream
Dark Poppy Bagel
Dark Poppy Bagel Slice
Diet Dark Fairy Soda
Eclipse Gumball
Eclipse Jelly
Eclipse Pancakes
Eclipse Sugar Cube
Hex Spex
Party Cake
Pure Liquid Hatred
Slice of Dark Pizza
Sour Cream and Hatred Potato Chips
Spade Jelly
Tub of Dark Fairy Ice Cream

Microwave Foods
Cheeky Omelette
Cracked Green Gumball
Cracked Pink Gumball
Cracked Yellow Gumball
Monster Burger
Skyscraper Burger
Super Stacker Burger
Snowman Meringue

Starletts the Ice Cream Chibs
15 years, 8 months & 12 days OldBorn 9th Jan 2006 06:25

13 Years 8 Months Old
Level 20 Chef earning MP11,100MP a day